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Science Frontiers
The Book

Science Frontiers is an indexed compilation of the first 86 issues of our Science Frontiers newsletter.

Chapter 1. Archeology:
Ancient Engineering Works * Small Artifacts * Epigraphy and Art * Bones and Footprints * Diffusion and Culture.

Chapter 2. Astronomy:
Planets and Moons * Solar System Debris * Stars * Galaxies and Quasars * Cosmology.

Chapter 3. Biology:
Humans .* Other Mammals * Birds * Reptiles and Amphibians * Fish * Arthropods * Invertebrates * Plants and Fungi * Microorganisms * Genetics * Origin of Life * Evolution.

Chapter 4. Geology:
Topography * Geological Anomalies * Stratigraphy * Inner Earth.

Chapter 5. Geophysics:
Luminous Phenomena* Weather Phenomena * Hydrological Phenomena * Earthquakes * Anomalous Sounds * Atmospheric Optics.

Chapter 6. Psychology:
Dissociation Phenomena * Hallucinations * Mind - Body Phenomena * Hidden Knowledge * Reincarnation * Information Processing * Psychokinesis.

Chapter 7.
Chemistry, Physics, Math, Esoterica: Chemistry * Physics * Mathematics.

Comments from reviews:
"This fun-to-read book may lead some to new scientific solutions through questioning the phenomena presented", Science Books and Films

Publishing details:
356 pages, paperback, $18.95, 417 illus., subject index, 1994. 1500+ references, LC 93-92800 ISBN 0-915554-28-3, 8.5 x 11.

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