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About Science Frontiers

Science Frontiers is the bimonthly newsletter providing digests of reports that describe scientific anomalies; that is, those observations and facts that challenge prevailing scientific paradigms. Over 2000 Science Frontiers digests have been published since 1976.

These 2,000+ digests represent only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The Sourcebook Project, which publishes Science Frontiers, also publishes the Catalog of Anomalies, which delves far more deeply into anomalistics and now extends to sixteen volumes, and covers dozens of disciplines.

Over 14,000 volumes of science journals, including all issues of Nature and Science have been examined for reports on anomalies. In this context, the newsletter Science Frontiers is the appetizer and the Catalog of Anomalies is the main course.


Subscriptions to the Science Frontiers newsletter are no longer available.

Compilations of back issues can be found in Science Frontiers: The Book, and original and more detailed reports in the The Sourcebook Project series of books.

The publisher

Please note that the publisher has now closed, and can not be contacted.


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Browse or search over 2100 free reports, and discover the unusual in archaeology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, geophysics, mathematics, psychology and physics.

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  Science Frontiers: The Book and Science Frontiers II
An indexed compilation of the first 86 issues of our Science Frontiers newsletter, and a great collection of naturally occurring anomalies and curiosities. An entertaining read! [Book Index]

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  The Sourcebook Project
The Catalog of Anomalies. These Sourcebooks, Handbooks and Catalogs are compiled from 40,000 articles from the scientific literature. Refer here for details about each of the books, and prices and ordering information.

Sorry, all Sourcebook Project publications are now out of print.
To acquire copies, it is recommended that you visit (and search for author = William Corliss)

William Roger Corliss (1926 - 2011)

It is with much regret that I have learned of the death of Bill Corliss on 8 July 2011, age 84.

I first purchased some of his Sourcebook Project books back in the late 1970s, followed by his Strange Science manuals.

Subsequently, his Web site was one of the first I produced, and one of the first on the Web, in 1997 (qv., becoming a UK Web Awards Nominee. I have managed his website, ever since.

For more details, see:

My thoughts are with his family.

Ian Tresman, Knowledge Computing

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