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Drifting, Glowing Fog

January 29, 2001. Avening, Gloucestershire, England. Testimony of M.J. "McLaughlin as reported by C. Roland.

On Monday, January 29, I took a ride out Stroud way and decided to walk around Woodchester Park. It was a nice day and what better place to take advantage of the weather. I had not been [there] for a couple of years.

Everything was going as normal until I got down into the park. I took the "red" path which takes you right round the lakes. I had walked down to the old kennels when I saw what I can only describe as a glowing fog. I thought it must be some sort of peculiar weather phenomenon. I carried on skirting the lake but the "glow" was still there. I looked around for someone to confirm this odd scene with me but I was alone. I must admit I began to feel a little unnerved by it. I quickened back; the glow could still be seen except it had drifted out over the lake. It was about six feet (two metres) high and three feet (one metre) wide -- although not a column. Indeed, at one point I almost thought it looked like a figure.

I have never seen such a peculiar sight in all my days, and only wish someone else had seen it, too.

(Roland, Cynthia; "Peculiar Sight in Park," Journal of Meteorology, U.K., 26:229, 2001.)

Comment. It is the luminous feature of this phenomenon that makes it so interesting. Could it have been a will-o'the-wisp? Or it might have been kin to the drifting, luminous "bubble" described in SF#102.

From Science Frontiers #138, NOV-DEC 2001. � 2001 William R. Corliss

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