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Rochester Residents See Mirage Of Canadian Shore 65 Miles Distant

May 16, 1921. Rochester, NY. On this day, many citizens climbed to the roofs of tall buildings to view a splendid mirage of the Canadian shore located 65 miles north of the city.

The weather was very clear, and the mirage rested high in the northern sky. The colors were a deep blue and near-black, the uneven shoreline being distinctly depicted against the cloudless sky. An occasional forest appeared darker than the regular line of the mirage and indicated that the shore line displayed was several hundred miles in extent. The mirage disappeared about 4 PM.

(Anonymous; "Rochester Sees A Remarkable Mirage of Canadian Shore, 65 Miles Away," New York Times, May 17, 1921. Cr. M. Piechota.)

Comment. This mirage is notable for its clarity and distance. An even more remarkable mirage of the same type appears in our catalog Rare Halos, Mirages. In this instance, a mirage of the Snaefells Jokull, an Icelandic peak, was seen from a schooner 335-350 miles distant. Details in GEM2.

From Science Frontiers #133, JAN-FEB 2001. 2001 William R. Corliss

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