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The Anomalous Antiquity of Some Landforms

All over the planet, but particularly in Australia, there exist great expanses of land surface that fossils and radiometric dating tell us are tens of millions of years old. This doesn't seem very serious until we learn that, given today's erosion rates, these landforms should be deeply eroded or, more likely, completely erased by the forces of nature.

This paradox has long been used by Creationists to challenge geological dating methods. Mainstream geologists do recognize the paradox but have had scant success in resolving it. For example, geologist C.H. Crickmay wrote:

Again, one finds all over the world, even high above and far distant from existing waterways, smooth-surfaced and level ground -- including everything from small terraces to broad, flat plains -- much of it still bearing intact a carpet of stream alluvium. Such lands were carved and carpeted, evidently, by running water, even though they are now in places where no stream could possibly run... What is remarkable about them is the perfection with which they have out-lasted the attack of "denudation" for all the time that has passed since they lay at stream level. (The Work of the River, New York, 1974)

This paradox of uneroded ancient landforms remains as obdurate as the landforms themselves.

(Oard, Michael J.; "Antiquity of Landforms: Objective Evidence That Dating Methods Are Wrong," CEN Technical Journal, 14:35, 2000. This Australian Creationist journal asks many such penetrating questions that we should not reflexively ignore.)

From Science Frontiers #129, MAY-JUNE 2000. � 2000 William R. Corliss

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