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It was on March 23, 1989 that M. Fleischmann and S. Pons announced their "cold fusion" results. After an initial surge of publicity followed by disbelief and ridicule, cold fusion research was effectively banned from mainstream science publications. (SF#114, SF#112, and earlier).

While cold fusion may not be politically correct these days, a cadre of off-mainstream researchers is pursuing the idea under such names as Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) and Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions (CANR) Could LENR and CANR (nee CF) be both scientifically correct and politically incorrect?

A survey of cold fusion research over the past decade by E.F. Mallove appears in a recent issue of Infinite Energy. If you read only mainstream journals, you may be surprised to learn that several thousand technical papers have been written on the subject. Mallove has abstracted a "select 34" of these that support the reality of LENR and CANR. Many of the 34 appeared in Infinite Energy and Fusion Technology. The Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry and Physics Letters A have also carried some of these "select" papers.

Finally, Mallove provides references to papers that undermine the credibility of those studies at Caltech, Harwell, and MIT that were used to derail cold fusion as a serious scientific enterprise.

(Mallove, Eugene F.; "Key Experiments That Substantiate Cold Fusion Phenomena," Infinite Energy, 4:29, MarchApril 1999.)

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