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Unidentified Light

May 4, 1997. North Atlantic Ocean. Aboard the s.t.s. Astrid enroute from the Azores to Dartmouth.

"At 0443 UTC a light was sighted high in the sky above the ship. The light was of the style of a satellite in appearance. However, it was seen for about 10-15 seconds moving west to northwest, with a pulsating white light. In addition, it was moving very fast and it also stopped dead a couple of times.
"At one point, the light stopped and turned in the direction of the ship. The light no longer pulsated, and for about one second it was in the form of a spotlight lighting the surrounding area. The light then turned back again and moved very, very fast across the sky before it was lost below the horizon in a matter of seconds."

(Ulrich, G.; "Unidentified Light," Marine Observer, 68:64, 1998.)

Comment. The erratic motion and use of a searchlight are typical of some of the UFO reports seen in newspapers. However, the Marine Observer is a publication of the UK Meteorological Office.

In the above "encounter," aircraft, satellites, and meteors do not fit the testimony of the observers.

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