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Paradigm Assaults From Way Down Under

A lengthy article in an Auckland newspaper demonstrates that archeological revisionism is alive and well in New Zealand. We select just three of the more controversy-provoking topics.

  1. G. Cook, assisted by a few likeminded compatriots, has been exploring the Waipoua Forest in Northland. Here, he claims, is a treasure trove of pre-Maori stone structures. In a 242-hectare area, he has found 16 sites encompassing nearly 2,000 enigmatic stone structures. Interestingly, the New Zealand government has made a three-year survey of the area and has embargoed release of their report until 2063! (Official coverups are also found in archeology.)
  2. B. Brailsford, of Kaimanawa Wall fame (SF#107), now asserts that the Maoris were preceded by the Waitaha -- a claim echoed by others. But Brailsford goes a step further by stating that the Waitaha really comprised three disparate groups of people: (a) the Moriori, who were of giant stature and superb gardeners; (b) the Urukehu, a fair-skinned group known also as Starwalkers for their knowledge of the heavens; and (c) the Kiritea or Stone People from Asia.
  3. Finally, stated sans reference, is the fact that in 1996 rock carvings 14,000 years old were found along a 49-kilometer stretch of the Amazon.

(Paterson, Kimberly; "Pushing History Back beyond Our 'Real Time'," Auckland Sunday Star-Times, April 19, 1998. Cr. T. Brown)

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