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From The Depths Of The Amazon

Trawls lowered between 9 and 45 meters into the Amazon's muddy waters have brought up many bizarre fish never seen before. J. Lundberg and his team from the University of Arizona found two species of electric fish that subsist entirely on the tails of other electric fish. Some of the catfish are armorplated; others are transparent; another catfish is only 8 millimeters (1/3 inch) long. Most interesting to taxonomists will be two separate species of electric fish that can be told apart only by the different patterns of electrical discharges they generate!

What will trawls capture in the Rio Negro which is about 100 meters deep in one place?

(Bille, Matthew A.; "Recent Discoveries: Fishing in South America," Exotic Zo ology, 4:1, March/April 1997. Publication address: 3405 Windjammer Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920.)

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