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Japanese Mini-Pyramids

In a recent issue of the Ancient Ameri can, Editor F. Joseph presented an intriguing photograph of a precisely sculpted pyramid crouching incongruously amid the thick trees and bushes of Mount Kasagi, in north-central Japan. Being only 7 feet high and 14 feet along its base, this edifice hardly challenges the classical pyramids of Egypt and Mesoamerica. It is, though, skillfully crafted from solid granite -- almost a work of art. Age, sculptors, and purpose seem to be unknown.

Japanese call it a "trigonon." It is not alone, for four more can be found strung along a ridge of Mount Kasagi about 100 meters apart.

(Joseph, Frank; "Ancient Wonders of Japan," Ancient American, no. 17, p. 27, 1997.)

Comment. We have not stumbled across reference to these "trigonons" before. Hopefully, some of our Japanese readers will enlighten us further.

Reference. See our Handbook Ancient Man for much more on pyramids, stone circles, and other ancient structures. This book is described here.

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