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Circaseptennial Rhythm In Ear Growth

J. Verhulst and P. Onghena have carefully measured the ears of a sample of British men aged from 30 to 83 years. Every seven years, they discovered, the rate of ear growth peaked. In this finding, Verhulst and Onghena supported the contention of the Ancient Greeks that there is a seven-year rhythm in human development.

(Anonymous; "Rhythmic Ear Growth...," Science News, 151:26, 1997. If you are skeptical about this item, the source cited is: British Medical Journal, December 21/28, 1996.)

Cross reference. We have already re-corded rhythmic growth spurts in child-ren in SF#85 and SF#86. A related phenomenon, extremely rapid growth, is cataloged under BHF27 in our Catalog: Humans II. Information on this volume is posted at here.

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