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Unidentified Light

November 20, 1995. North Atlantic. Aboard the m.v. Uruguay Express enroute Santos to Bilboa.

"At 0230 UTC a very bright light was noted on the port side about 50 from the bow, it lasted for about 5 seconds and then disappeared.
"Knowing of no bright star in that position, the observers checked the area with binoculars and saw two small lights which were as bright as a star of very small magnitude, travelling at a very fast rate and at a steady distance from each other. No navigation lights were seen. One light then disappeared and the other changed course upwards before disappearing about 3 seconds later, neither object left a trail."

The sky was cloudless and visibility was good. The vessel was about 200 miles south of the Cape Verde Islands.

(Chiappara, H.; "Unidentified Light," Marine Observer, 66:186, 1996.)

Comment. Another maddening, elusive, UFO-like sighting, of which there are many from similarly reliable sources. One wonders what caused the initial "very bright light."

Reference. Many similar mysterious lights are cataloged under GLM2 in Lightning, Auroras. Book description here.

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