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More Evidence Of Precolumbian Contacts From Asia

The following news item appeared in the NEARA Transit:

"Dr. George Carter excitedly reported news of a possible breakthrough in Asian/pre-Columbian contact. Dr. H.M. Xu is a Chinese scholar teaching linguistics at the Central Oklahoma State University at Enid, OK. There is a small publication reporting Dr. Xu's ability to read some Chinese characters plainly visible on several ceremonial jade adzes from La Venta, Mexico. The dates would be about 1100 B.C., relating well to the beginning of the Olmecs."

(Anonymous; NEARA Transit, 8:7, no. 2, September 1996) NEARA = New England Antiquities Research Association.

Comment. This is a first-class anomaly because mainstream archeologists wince visibly at the mention of ancient Chinese visits to the New World. Hopefully, details will be forthcoming.

Reference. Our Handbook Ancient Man contains much more information on precolumbian contacts. To order this book, see here.

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