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Ten Myths Of Science

We have at hand a lengthy paper bearing the above title. It is copyrighted with ominous warnings about quotations. So, we will paraphrase a lot. The significance of the article is so great that we dare to quote the first sentence:

"This article addresses and attempts to refute several of the most widespread and enduring misconceptions held by students regarding the enterprise of science."

We now paraphrase the ten myths of science, as recognized by W. McComas of the School of Education, University of Southern California. McComas analyzes each "myth" in depth, explaining why it is not a "truth."

(McComas, William; "Ten Myths of Science: Reexamining What We Think We Know...," School Science & Mathematics, vol. 96, January 1, 1996. Cr. M. Truzzi)

Comment. The upshot of McComas' analysis is that science is not what it claims to be.

From Science Frontiers #107, SEP-OCT 1996. 1996-2000 William R. Corliss