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If it doesn't work, kick it!

"Vicki Wilmore, 10, from Gorton, Manchester, was a happy child of normal ability until she complained of a headache one morning a year ago. From that moment, she started writing everything back to front and upside down.

"Although Vicki could read what she wrote, nobody else could and this caused her to cry with frustration and led to classroom gibes. Several experts subjected her to psychological and physiological tests but failed to find a cure."

Then, after a troubled year, excited by a football game, Vicki jumped out of her seat, fell back, and bumped her head on a coffee table. The next day she went to school and was once more able to read and write normally.

(Jones, Tim; "Girl's Bump Cure's Mirror Writing," London Times, December 7, 1995. Cr. A.C.A. Silk)

Comment. The sample of Vicki's "mirror writing" accompanying the Times article does not seem to be pure mirror writing, such as Leonardo da Vinci is said to have employed. It's more of a hodgepodge. Anyway a bump cured it - somehow mending a loose connection.

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