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In a review of D. Steel's new book Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets, C. Keay injects a startling bit of news:

"Too late for Duncan Steel to include before his book went to press, comes the latest news that British astronomer Mark Bailey and his colleagues have discovered that a Tunguska-like event in 1930 blasted flat a huge expanse of jungle near an upper tributary of the Amazon in Brazil close to the border with Peru. The resulting fires burned for months. The only European near at hand was a Catholic priest, whose reports of the incident have lain unnoticed in the Vatican library until now."

(Keay, Colin; "The NonDenominational Day of Reckoning," The Skeptic, 15:44, Spring 1995. This journal is published in Australia and should not be confused with the UK journal of the same name.)

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