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Two politically incorrect biochemical anomalies

"Whether one views it as females attacking males or as a biological favoritism toward men, the fact is that men's bodies accept donor organs from women while women's bodies reject organs from men. Scientists speculated that a male-specific antigen -- a protein that exists in all cells of a man's body, but in none of a woman's -- causes this incompatibility."

(Seachrist, L.' "Finding the Gene for Female Attack," Science News, 148:132, 1995.)

Comment. Even so, females obviously do not reject male embryos. For more, see BHI4 "The Enigma of the Fetal Graft" in Biological Anomalies: Humans II*)

"It is wellknown that if a bitch urinates on your lawn, you'll get a brown circle of dead grass, whereas a dog's urine does no visible harm. What is the chemical involved and why do only bitches excrete it? Does the same apply to the male and female of other animals (including humans)?"

(Wylie, Andrew; "Wee Problem," New Scientist, p. 89, August 5, 1995.)

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