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China's bermuda triangle

For "triangle" watchers, we provide the following news item:

"Some 50 scientists recently surveyed southwest Sichuan Province's notorious high-elevation Black Bamboo Ravine, or Heizugou, where people and livestock have vanished. The Beijingbased Xinhua News Agency reports that scientists believe rotting plants found in the cold, humid region give off a poisonous gas, 'suffocating people and making them fall into the abyss.' The experts also explain that the magnetic field at Heizhugou 'is so strong that it is likely to disable compasses and cause plane crashes.'"

(Anonymous; "China's 'Bermuda Triangle'," World Press Review, p. 27, July 1995. Cr. C. Masthay.)

Comment. Except for the magnetic field part, Black Bamboo Ravine can be assigned to category ESC5 in Anomalies in Geology, where one also finds Yellowstone's Death Gulch and Java's Poisoned Valley. To order this book, see: here.

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