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Unidentified Object

Object observed crossing the sky from starboard
May 7, 1994. The South Pacific. On this date, the Chief Officer of the m.v. Forthbank, A.D. MacPherson, observed the object detailed below. The vessel was at 13�09'S, 137�49'W enroute to Papeete.

"Shortly after sunset at 0337 UTC the 'object' shown in the sketch was observed crossing the sky from starboard. Initial observation was made as the object passed Sirius but whether or not it emanated from there remains unclear.

"The passage of the object took about 20 seconds, appearing to follow a straight line through Canis Major, Puppis and Carina, and its luminous intensity was constant until a rapid drop just prior to extinction short of Crux. The object's 'tail' extended upwards about 3" in length with a curve towards the direction of travel and had a bluish tinge while the object itself was whitish in colour."

(Ginder, D.E.; "Unidentified Object," Marine Observer, 65:73, 1995.)

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