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Traces Of The Southern Flotilla

Decades ago, G. Carter reminisces, he found in the Johns Hopkins library a book entitled: Deutsches Verein fur Wissenschaft zu Santiago Chile. In it was an article by a German who had taken refuge from a storm in a Chilean cave. There, he had found a mysterious inscription which he duly copied with German meticulousness. Carter later sent the inscription to B. Fell who translated it as follows:

"This is the southern boundary of the long dry mountainous land that the admiral claims for the Pharaoh, his gracious queen and noble son -- , signed Maury, the navigator, in charge of the southern flotilla."

(Carter, George F.; "An Eclectic View," NEARA Journal, 28:83, Winter/Spring 1994. NEARA = New England Antiquities Research Association.)

Comment. In the preceding two items, we see Precolumbian America being influenced from both east and west. We say "west" because many clues are strewn across the Pacific indicating an ancient Egyptian-sponsored expedition, manned by Libyans, probing the New World long before the Comalcalco bricks (described in this issue) were fired.

From Science Frontiers #99, MAY-JUN 1995. 1995-2000 William R. Corliss