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Remarkable Straw Fall

Summer of 1994, Bucks., England

"Engineer Ken Davey thought he had stepped into a scene from the Bible when he saw tons of straw falling from the sky.

"The 42-year-old, of Holtspur Avenue, Wooburn Green, was leaving work at Glory Mill Papers, Glory Mill Lane, on Thursday when he noticed the whole building was covered in straw.

"He suddenly realised everyone was staring upwards at objects descending from the sky.

"He said: "I looked up and these massive lumps -- some as big as bales -- were gracefully floating down. It was beautiful. ..... "Mr. Davey estimated as much as ten tons of straw had fallen. The whole of the surrounding area was covered in it."

(Anonymous; "Glory! Glory! Haylelujah," Midweek, Bucks Free Press, July 19, 1994. Cr. A.C.A. Silk)

Comment. Rarely during haying season, we have seen whirlwinds drape trees and utility wires with wisps of hay -- but 10 tons of straw? Never even close! However, equally prodigious falls of hay and leaves were occasionaly remarked upon in the scientific journals of the last century. See GWF6 in Tornados, Dark Days, etc. Ordering information here.

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