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August 1980. Hawley, Pennsylvania. On an early summer evening, P.W. Becker, a census taker, was sitting in his car consulting a map. The car was parked on a dead-end street. No people or other cars were in sight.

"Suddenly there was a horrific bang and the car rocked. A missile from the sky lay in plain view, square in the center of my car's hood.

"I cautiously got out to examine the fallen object. Tiny pieces had broken off, but it was largely intact and measured four to five inches across. I smelled it -- yes, it still carried a faint scent -- of pizza! It was a slice of pizza, solid as a rock and stone cold. This was no ordinary meteorite. I thought of God feeding the Israelites manna from heaven, but God knows I prefer pepperoni. This was plain, tomato and cheese, on a thin crust."

(Becker, Peter W.; "Manna or Meteorite?" Sky and Telescope, 86:7, August 1993.)

Comment. After you stop laughing, recall that many accounts of fish falling from the sky mention that they are frozen. Hummm. Perhaps a whirlwind whipped through a pizzeria!

Reference. Over the centuries, many strange objects have been reported to fall from the sky. See GWF in our catalog: Tornados, Dark Days. Description here.

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