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Another Elliptical Halo

Measurements of an elliptical lunar halo
Measurements of an elliptical lunar halo obvsered in the Indian Ocean.
June 6, 1992. Aboard the m.v. British Skill in the Indian Ocean.

"Between 1300 and 1345 UTC, a complete halo phenomenon was observed round the moon, as shown in the sketch. The ring was complete although its appearance was elliptical. Its horizontal diameter was 40 with its vertical diameter being 53.

"The illuminated part of the moon was not in the centre of the halo, its altitude at the lower limb (phase, new waxing) being 38 54'. The altitude of the upper part of the halo was 59 whereas the lower edge was at 6."

(Anderson, P.R.; "Elliptical Halo," Marine Observer, 63:65, 1993.)

Comment. Once again we have another observation called "impossible" by geophysicists. Halos, they say, must be symmetrical about the sun or moon. Yet, photos and precise measurements, like those above, demonstrate the reality of the phenomenon.

From Science Frontiers #88, JUL-AUG 1993. 1993-2000 William R. Corliss