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Rethinking Aids

The columns of SF have frequently publicized the heresy of P. Duesberg, who holds that the so-called AIDS virus, HIV, is not the sole cause of AIDS. Echoing many of Duesberg's assertions is biochemist and immunologist R.S. Root-Bernstein. He points out that:

"People all over the world are getting AIDS without being exposed to or infected with HIV."

Root-Bernstein continues with:

"The implications of this revelation are truly astounding. Essentially there are only three possibilities. The HIV may really be there, but everyone has missed it. This is un-likely, since many of the researchers reporting HIV-negative cases of AIDS are the top HIV experts in the world. Another possibility is that there is a new virus that everyone has missed. This is again unlikely given the huge amount of retroviral research that has been performed in the past decade on AIDS patients. Finally, these may be the cases that demonstrate that AIDS can be produced by the types of synergistic, multifactorial assaults on the immune system that Joseph Sonnabend and I have been proposing for years."

Although most AIDS researchers are still wedded to the theory that HIV is the sole and only cause of AIDS, cracks in the stonewalling are beginning to appear. In fact, C.A. Thomas, Jr., formerly a Professor of Biochemistry at Harvard, has organized the Group for the Scientific Reassessment of the HIV/ AIDS Hypothesis.

(Root-Bernstein, Robert S.; "Rethinking AIDS," Frontier Perspectives, 3:11, Fall 1992.)

Comment. If Duesberg and Root-Bernstein are correct, overzealous defense of the HIV paradigm may have cost billions in misdirected research!

Reference. AIDS and HIV phenomena are cataloged in BHH14-BHH22 in our catalog: Biological Anomalies: Humans II. For further information, visit: here.

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