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No. 85: Jan-Feb 1993

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Electronic Channeling

Those ubiquitous solar-powered calculators may be the latest mechanism by which other "intelligences" are trying to communicate with us. Here is how this novel information channel works. You put your solar-powered calculator (a cheap one will do) in your desk drawer and close it. When you again open the drawer and light hits the calculator, a number, perhaps a letter, or even an unrecognized symbol may appear. What's going on here? What do these "messages" mean?

Random calculator display

C. Bentley, in a letter to the New Scientist, related how his calculator most frequently flashes the number 5, but many other numbers may also appear. His calculator works perfectly after he has disposed of the gratuitous information. Something must be generating these strange data. In his final paragraph, Bentley muses:

"It has occurred to me that perhaps someone or something is trying to communicate but I fear that if this is the case the message has so far eluded me. The numbers don't work on pools either."

(Bentley, Chris; "Dark Secret," New Scientist, p. 52, October 10, 1992.)

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