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Crop-circle contest

July 11-12, 1992. Buckinghamshire, England. On this dark night, in a barley field, 12 teams assembled in hopes of winning a $5,200 prize provided by the Koestler Foundation and the German Magazine PM. This sum was to be awarded to the best crop-circle hoaxers.

First prize went to three engineers from a British helicopter company, who used rope, plastic piping, and a ladder suspended from a trestle. Close behind in the competition was American J. Schnabel, who, working all alone, required only a plank, some rope, and a small garden roller to produce a creditable, rather elaborate design.

(Anonymous; "Circle Hoax Contest," Science, 257:481, 1992.)

Comment. The quality of the best entries assures us that hoaxing is not to be discounted as a major factor in cropcircle studies.

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