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Bc Sea Serpents

Marine biologist E. Bousfield and oceanographer P. LeBlond have amassed impressive evidence for the reality of a large marine vertebrate presently unrecognized by science.

"They say that in the past 60 years at least six specimens of the sea creature have been discovered, including a live baby and a dead youngster found undigested in the stomach of a whale. .....

"Since World War II, two apparent skeletons and two carcasses have washed up on the shores of British Columbia and neighboring Washington State."

This British Columbia sea serpent, named "Caddy," is believed to measure 40-60 feet in length. It has been clocked at speeds up to 25 miles/hour -- fast enough to leave killer whales in its wake.

(Anonymous; "Sea Serpent Sightings Substantiated by British Columbia Scientists," Baltimore Sun, July 30, 1992.)

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