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Perhaps they even reached oklahoma!

The drawing reproduced below was made by C. Keeler when he visited the famous inscription-filled Anubis Cave. Some of the figures have Egyptian overtones, as remarked by D. and A. Buchanan:

Inscription-filled Anubis Cave

"This 'cave' (really a cave-like rock shelter located in Northwestern Oklahoma close to the Colorado line), as well as others like it in the vicinity, was first recorded by Gloria Farley after her visit to the site in June 1978. She especially remarked upon the Anubis figure you see here as well as the figure with the rayed head surmounting the "cube-in-perspective" or '3-D Cube' (as some have called it). Besides the Egyptian motifs, she also noted the ogam-like strokes and a number of other apparent Celtic connections."

Translation of the ogam by B. Fell indicated that the site was used for Celtic rites.

(Buchanan, Donal, and Buchanan, Ann; "The Anubis Cave in Old World Iconography," ESRS Bulletin, 18:27, October 1991.) ESRS = Early Sites Research Society.

Comment. Anubis was the Egyptian jackal god. It is the stylized figure in the top center of the drawing. Such interpretations are ignored by the archeological establishment, and almost all research on such sites is carried out by amateurs.

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