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No. 79: Jan-Feb 1992

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Telepathic Rabbits

Well, why not?

Our experimental study has tried to bring out the existence of a correlation, at a distance, between the physiological reactions of two rabbits from the same litter who had always lived together. We chose photoelectric plethysmography as being the least traumatic method for the rabbits and the one most capable of giving evidence of the physiological reaction specific to stress. Through this method, we studied the coincidences between the outsets of the two rabbits' emotional reactions. Added to the rabbits' isolation through distance, some experiments involved the setting up of sensorial and electromagnetic isolation boxes. We studied the coincidences occurring between the spontaneous emotional reactions of the rabbits as well as the coincidences occurring between the reactions provoked by small stimulae, such as the sound of a bell in one of the boxes. Two series of experiments out of four gave significant results, leading one to think that a conscious or unconscious telepathic link does exist between two rabbits that have close links with each other.

(Thouvenin, Bernard; "A Study of Telepathic Phenomena among Rabbits," Revue Francaise de Psychotronique, 1:15, July-September 1988. As abstracted in Exceptional Human Experience, 9:47, June 1991.)

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