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Revolving Sphere Of Light

The following report is from H.D. Mayor, a scientist at Baylor College of Medicine:

During an incredible electrical storm [in Houston, Texas, on 18 June 1991] in the evening while sitting at a table in the breakfast room, I saw a ball of lightning enter the utility room [an extension of the breakfast room] apparently through the back door. It hovered as a revolving sphere of bright yellow, orange and red light about 10 inches in diameter, in the air about three feet above the floor. It stayed in the same place. After about two or three seconds the globe disappeared with a loud pop rather like a discharge from a champagne bottle. The discharge was followed by a distinct odor of ozone. My Siamese cat also appeared to see the ball; at least he ran toward it. (Mayor, Heather D.; "Watching the Ball," Nature, 353:496, 1991.)

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