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Underground Current Electrifies Australia

Electic current flowing from Western Australia southward into South Australia
A weak electrical current wends its way for some 6000 kilometers along fracture zones in some of Australia's sedimentary basins. Located some 15-45 kilometers below the surface, the current begins at the continental shelf in Western Australia, runs southward into South Australia, and then loops northward, exiting in the Gulf of Carpentaria near Birdsville, Queensland. The current's path has a width varying between 50 and 200 kilometers. It seems to be flowing in alkaline fluids contained in the broken edges where ancient tectonic plates collided to create the continent. The current is weak and is induced by the earth's changing magnetic field. (Anonymous; "Underground Current Electrifies Australia," New Scientist, p. 10, March 10, 1991.)

Comment. Modern Australia is spotted in the center of a huge tectonic plate.

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