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Sli: a somewhat amusing psi phenomenon

Before you snort in derision at SLI, recall that, just as some gardeners have "green thumbs," so do some people appear to induce electronic panic in hightech equipment just by walking into a laboratory. If the thoughts of a human experimenter can affect marine algae (p. 000), why not electrical equipment? Of course, we know why not! But we have heard some pretty weird stories! For that matter, can you account for everything your computer does?

"A strange new phenomenon has recently been studied in detail for probably the first time. It is street lamp interference, or SLI. Author Hilary Evans, a founder member of ASSAP, has established SLIDE, the Street Lamp Interference Data Exchange, to study the reports.

"SLI is the apparent ability that certain people have to switch street lamps on or off merely by being in their vicinity. While it may seem to be a form of psychokinesis, Hilary insists that no conclusion should yet be drawn from the small body of data so far accumulated. The effect is surprisingly common, though most reports so far have come from the USA. ASSAP, in cooperation with SLIDE, now wants to obtain information on the phenomenon in Britain."

(Anonymous; "Standing by the Lamplight..." ASSAP News, no. 39, p. 2, January 1991.)

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