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Monster Skeletons Found In Underwater Fiji Cave

The scene is a remote underwater cave 51.5 kilometers from one of Fiji's resort islands. K. Deacon, a professional diver from Sydney is the source of the following report.

"'We have found what appears to be two adults, one adolescent and one juvenile,' he said. 'They bear no resemblance to any marine creature I know.'

"The adult skulls were about 1 m long with a total body length of 8 m to 10 m. They looked prehistoric and perhaps were land animals or amphibious species.

"The cave, now a part of a reef about 50 m under water, may once have been above sea level.


"Mr Deacon believed the creatures were either prehistoric or contempory animals unknown to science -- or, if they were some known kind of animal, then how they had found their way into the cave was a mystery."

(Spencer Geoff; "Monsters Found in the Fiji Deep," New Zealand Herald, May 31, 1990, Cr. R. Collyns via L. Farish.)

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