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Double Image Of Lunar Crescent

A letter from R. Eason states that he, too, has observed this phenomenon, as reported in SF#68.

"It was in the early evening a few years back. On seeing the double crescent, I called out my brother who was visiting. It looked like a double image to him, too. Then I got my binoculars for a better look. There was NO double image seen in the binoculars, so the effect was clearly physiological/psychological." (Eason, R.; personal communication, May 5, 1990.)

Comment. Recently, on a trip to the American Virgin Islands, my wife and I observed a thin crescent moon. I saw a doubling of the ends of the crescent; she did not! Both of us agreed, however, that a thin, bright ring enclosed the dark part of the moon, and that the dark part of the moon was distincly brighter than the dark sky around the moon.

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