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Solar Activity And Bursts Of Human Creativity


"In a previous paper, evidence has been reported suggesting a link between historical oscillations of scientific creativity and solar cyclic variation. Eddy's discovery of abnormal secular periods of solar inactivity ('Maunder minimum' type) offered the opportunity to put the present hypothesis to a crucial test. Using time series of flourish years of creators in science, literature, and painting (AD600-AD1800), it was found that, as expected:

  1. Cultural flourish curves show marked discontinuities (bursts) after the onset of secular solar excursions, synchronously in Europe and China;

  2. During periods of extended solar excursions, bursts of creativity in painting, literature, and science succeeded one another with lags of about 10-15 years;

  3. The reported regularities of cultural output are prominent throughout with eminent creators. They decrease with ordinary professionals.

"The hypothesized extraterrestrial connection of human cultural history has thus been considerably strengthened."

(Ertel, Suitbert; "Synchronous Bursts of Creativity in Independent Cultures; Evidence for an Extraterrestrial Connec tion," The Explorer, 5:12, Fall 1989.)

Comment. With apologies to the author, a few minor changes in punctuation have been made above.

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