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A Hungarian Ufo

Somehow an interesting UFO report snuck into the Baltimore Sun -- a newspaper normally very conservative about such things. The report was embedded in a syndicated review of the week's "natural" phenomena from around the world.

"Meteorologists and military pilots in the western Hungarian town of Papa reported seeing four large, and bright orange unidentified flying objects after midnight on November 25. Government meteorologist Gyula Bazso said the objects were spherical and about 50-100 yards wide. He said one flew at the speed of 2,626 miles per hour. Bazso contacted authorities at the local military airbase who sent up an experienced pilot to investigate. He located the four objects at a height of around four miles. All the UFOs were said to have disappeared suddenly after 2 a.m."

(Anonymous; no title, Baltimore Sun, December 3, 1989.)

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