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Cold Fusion Died Only In The Media

When so many scientists ridiculed cold fusion, the media backed off. One reads virtually nothing on the subject today, despite some encourageing developments.

In a panel discussion at the University of Utah, J. Bockris stated that Japan has organized a fusion institute where more than 80 scientists are "rapidly moving forward to develop cold fusion." Bockris himself has achieved positive cold-fusion results in his lab at Texas A&M.

Another panel member, R. Huggins from Stanford, who has also replicated Utah's cold fusion results, remarked that several other U.S. labs have achieved excess power levels of 10-30 watts/cc.

(Anonymous; Access to Energy, p. 4, October, 1989. Cr. P.F. Young)

Despite positive results like those mentioned above, a recent report in Nature, by scientists at Cal Tech and the University of California, states emphatically that they can find no excess heat, neutrons, gamma rays, tritium, or helium in their cold-fusion experiments.

(Lewis, N.S.; "Searches for Low-Temperature Nuclear Fusion of Deuterium in Palladium," Nature, 340:525, 1989.)

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