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Strange Blue Pool Found At The Bottom Of Crater Lake

"A mysterious, small aqua-blue pool of dense fluid has been discovered at the bottom of Crater Lake.

"'It is bizarre, it is remarkable,' said Jack Dymond, who with Robert Collier heads the three-year Crater Lake exploration project. 'I have never seen anything like it,' he said.

"The Oregon State University oceanographer said the pool, about 6 feet in depth, is approximately 3 feet wide by 8 feet long. It is near the lush white and orange bacteria mats found last summer."

The murky pool of fluid was discovered during a dive in a research submarine. The temperature of the pool was about 4.5�C (40.1�F) which made it 1�C warmer than the surrounding lake water.

(Anonymous; "Strange Blue Pool Found in Crater Lake," Sunday Oregonian, August 13, 1989. Cr. R. Byrd)

Comment. Some lakes in northern climes still retain ancient seawater in their bottoms. Also, we have the well-publicized African lakes that suddenly overturn, producing clouds of poisonous gases. See our catalog: Anomalies in Geology. Ordering information here.

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