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Found: the lost pyramids of rock lake

The purported pyramids found on the muddy floor of Wisconsin's Rock Lake are so fascinating that we must pass on the following report, even though it comes from outside the group of publications we usually rely on. In fact, we have never seen anything on these pyramids in the scientific press, although in SF#30 we did present an earlier report on them from the Wisconsin State Journal. So, caveat emptor!

Rock Lake Pyramid
The first sketch of the Rock Lake Pyramid from a 1970 issue of Skin Diver, as presented in Ancient Man.
The author of this article, F. Joseph, states that beneath the surface of Rock Lake lie at least ten structures. Two of these have been mapped and photographed by skin divers and sonar. Structure #1, which has been dubbed the Limnatis Pyramid, has a base width of 60 feet, a length of about 100 feet, and a height of 18 feet, although only about 10 feet protrude from the silt and mud. It is a truncated pyramid, built largely out of round, black stones. On the truncated top, the stones are squarish. The remains of a plaster coating can be discerned.

The Rock Lake structures are made more believable by the presence, 3 miles away, of the Indian site of Aztalan. There, there are two truncated, earthen pyramids, partially surrounded by a tall stockade, which was originally plastered. Aztalan seems to have been occupied as late as the Fourteenth Century.

(Joseph, Francis; "Found: The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake," Fate, 42:88, October 1989.)

Reference. In our handbook Ancient Man, there is still another article on the Rock Lake pyramids from a 1970 number of the Skin Diver. Details on this handbook here.

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