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Huge Underground Electrical Circuit

"Geophysicists from the Department of Earth Sciences and the Bureau of Mineral Resources have discovered part of a huge underground circuit near Broken Hill (Australia), which contains electric currents of more than a million amps.

"The currents are spread too thinly for power production, but their existence helps account for problems experienced generally in interpreting the magnetic data used to produce geological maps.

"The circuit was found using a sensor which detects fluctuating electric fields in the earth's crust. These are created in response to electrical events, such as thunderstorms and the movement of dissolved salts in artesian water."

("Scientists Discover Huge Underground Circuit," Monash Review, p. 10, December 1986, Cr. R.E. Molnar, The Monash Review is an Australian publication.)

Comment. Could it be that a portion of the earth's "permanent" magnetic field is likewise generated by internal electrical currents? Are the ponderously moving internal convection cells and widely accepted dynamo effect really necessary? In other words, could our planet be a huge natural battery based upon geochemical differences?

Reference. Earth-current anomalies are cataloged under EZC5 in Inner Earth. Book details here.

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