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Strange Craters

We have just found the following item from the Australian Post. Can any of our Australian readers elaborate?

"For more than 10 years, scientists and geologists have been baffled by the discovery of some 30 strange craters between Bundaberg and Gin Gin (Qld.). Made of sandstone, siltstone, and red ochre, and at least 25 million years old, the craters contain unidentifiable markings which could be manmade!

"The holes were discovered by a farmer clearing his land and they have now been opened to the public who offer a multitude of theories about their origin, ranging from natural formations -- although the craters are not of volcanic origin -- to the work of visitors from outer space."

(Anonymous; "Strange Craters," Aus tralasian Post, July 31, 1986. Cr. R. Collyns via L. Farish.)

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