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Carbon In A New Comet

Astronomers in Australia have confirmed that organic matter exists in Comet Wilson, which is on what is believed to be its first and only visit to our Solar System.

"It is the first time that organic matter has been found on a comet new to the Solar System. The astronomers, who observed the comet from the AngloAustralian Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory in New South Wales, say that this finding lends weight to the theory that comets brought to Earth the carbon-based chemicals from which life evolved."
(Anonymous; "Astronomers Spot Carbon in a New Comet," New Scientist, p. 23, May 28, 1987.)

Reference. Organic compounds in meteorites are cataloged under AYE2 in our catalog: The Sun and Solar System Debris. To find out more about this book, visit: here.

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