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Some Newly Discovered Archeological Anomalies From North America

The latest volume of the Epigraphic Society's Occasional Publications contains some fascinating, but not yet thoroughly verified tidbits:

(1) A letter from a Cherokee Indian describes the Cherokee tradition of "Little People" or pygmies, who once lived in the southern Appalachians. Interestingly enough, the Cherokee language has a word for "pygmies" that resembles words in several European languages that mean "dwarfs" or "pygmies." (2) Another letter describes ogam writing on a large rock panel at Cedar Canyon, near Rock Springs, Wyoming. (Ogam writing implies very early European contact with the New World.) (3) An inscribed lead disc has been found in a small cache of Indian artifacts from Adams County, Ohio. The inscription indicates that it was an Iberian traveler's amulet.

(Various authors; Epigraphic Society, Occasional Publications, 15: 33, 77, and 77, 1986.)

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