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Peace And Sunspots

We quote the abstract of an article that appeared in the journal Cycles:

"Periods of international peace were found to occur in nearly regular cycles of 11 years by Edward Dewey in 1957 by analyzing the earlier data of Raymond Wheeler. In this paper the phase relationship between sunspot cycles and international battles was investigated. It was found that peaceful periods ended 7 out of 11 times within two years prior to sunspot peaks. The probability of this occurring by chance is less than .008.

"Geomagnetic storms are postulated as the triggering event since:

  1. Geomagnetic storms are known to occur with greater frequency and intensity near sunspot peaks; and
  2. Geomagnetic storms have been found by other researchers to be associated with increased frequency of accidents, illness, psychiatric hospital admissions, and crimes."

(Payne, Buryl; "Cycles of Peace, Sunspots, and Geomagnetic Activity," Cycles, 35:101, 1984.)

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