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A Possible Crack In The Wall Of The Temple Of Relativity

"Stefan Marinov is a remarkable iconoclast who is convinced that Einstein's special theory of relativity is mistaken."

Marinov apparently has been expelled from Russia because of his scientific and political opinions. So infuriated is he by the reluctance of mainstream scientific journals, such as Nature, to print his anti-relativity papers that he has threatened to immolate himself outside the British embassy in Vienna. Happily, he didn't strike the match, because it may be that he has something.

Marinov claims that he has demonstrated experimentally that the velocity of light is not the same in all directions in all reference frames, as Einstein insisted. He says he can even detect the motion of the earth through absolute space and time, contrary to most Michelson-Morley-type experiments. Based upon some recent theoretical analysis, the journal Nature has bent a bit and now calls for repetitions of Marinov's experiments.

(Maddox, John; "Stefan Marinov Wins Some Friends," Nature, 316:209, 1985.)

Comment. Recently, three books highly critical of relativity have been published: (1) Turner, Dean, and Hazelett, Richard, eds.; The Einstein Myth and the Ives Papers; (2) Santilla, Ruggero Maria; Il Grande Grido: Ethical Probe on Einstein's Followers in the U.S.A.; (3) Dingle, Herbert; Science at the Crossroads.

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