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Green Sky Flashes

March 25, 1984. Indian Ocean.

"Two successive 'green flashes' were observed. The first, at 2100 Ship's Time or 1530 GMT, was a bright green and bore 240� at an altitude of 75�; it moved vertically downwards to an altitude of approximately 20� over a period lasting about 3 seconds. The second flash was observed at 2250 Ship's Time. It was green/white and was first observed at an altitude of 40�, bearing approximately 340�.It moved diagonally across the sky before disappearing behind low cloud at an altitude of 30�, bearing 310�. This time the duration was 1-2 seconds. In both cases the ship's radars were turned on but nothing was observed other than rain showers between 4 and 12 n. mile from the ship, mainly forward of the beam. Both flashes were of about the same brightness as that of lightning, the first being brighter than the second. In both cases it was difficult to judge the distance. The phenomenon was thought to have possibly been some form of lightning as its appearance was unlike that of any flare and in both cases the distance from the ship did not appear great enough to be compatible with a meteor or other object entering the earth's atmosphere."

(Aston, A.; "'Green Flashes'"; Marine Observer, 55:30, 1985.)

Comment. Probably low-altitude fireballs.

Green flashes in sky

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