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Unidentified Object

April 9, 1983. North Atlantic Ocean. From the n.v. Dorsetshire.

"At 2304 GMT, Mr. Haney pointed out a bright white object in the sky. It was bearing approximately 360� (T) at an elevation of about 40�. It was moving rapidly southwards across the sky, leaving a bright trail behind it, like an afterglow. Also trailing astern of the object was a light trail of sparks (possibly large solid particles). The object disappeared behind clouds, bearing about 170� (T) at an elevation of approximately 35�, and lighting the edges of the clouds. The time taken for the passage was around 20 seconds. It was obviously a very large object, judging from its apparent size as seen from sea level. The impression given was that of an object within the atmosphere, easily showing around a one-penny piece held at arm's length."

(Edwards, R.A.F.; "Unidentified Flying Object," Marine Observer, 54:82, 1984)

Comment. This seems to be a description of a large fireball, but the direction of flight (north-south) is unusual and the time of passage (20 seconds) extremely long for a meteor.

Fireabll trailing sparks over the North Atlantic Large, very sluggish fireball trailing sparks over the North Atlantic.

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