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Unidentified Object

April 9, 1983. North Atlantic Ocean. From the n.v. Dorsetshire.

"At 2304 GMT, Mr. Haney pointed out a bright white object in the sky. It was bearing approximately 360 (T) at an elevation of about 40. It was moving rapidly southwards across the sky, leaving a bright trail behind it, like an afterglow. Also trailing astern of the object was a light trail of sparks (possibly large solid particles). The object disappeared behind clouds, bearing about 170 (T) at an elevation of approximately 35, and lighting the edges of the clouds. The time taken for the passage was around 20 seconds. It was obviously a very large object, judging from its apparent size as seen from sea level. The impression given was that of an object within the atmosphere, easily showing around a one-penny piece held at arm's length."

(Edwards, R.A.F.; "Unidentified Flying Object," Marine Observer, 54:82, 1984)

Comment. This seems to be a description of a large fireball, but the direction of flight (north-south) is unusual and the time of passage (20 seconds) extremely long for a meteor.

Fireabll trailing sparks over the North Atlantic Large, very sluggish fireball trailing sparks over the North Atlantic.

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