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Another Remarkable Specimen Of Ancient Man

In August 1984, Alan Walker, from Johns Hopkins, discovered near Lake Turkana, in Kenya, most of the skeleton of a 12year-old boy, which is estimated to be 1.6 million years old. Classified as a specimen of Homo erectus, the boy was 5 feet 5 inches tall and would probably have grown to 6 feet at maturity. Until this find, our supposed ancestors were generally thought to be small and puny; but here is a strapping fellow, looking much like a modern human, although his skull and jawbone resemble those of a Neanderthal.

(Joyce, Christoper; "Now Pekin Man Turns Up in Kenya," New Scientist, p.8, October 25, 1984.)

Reference. Anomalies in the hominid fossil record are cataloged in Chapter BHE in Biological Anomalies: Humans III. Details on this book here.

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