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Hypnotically Accelerated Burn Wound Healing

"This study was designed to assess the efficacy of hypnotically induced vasodilation in the healing of burn wounds. Patients were selected on the basis of having symmetrical or bilaterally equivalent burns on some portion of their right and left sides. Since one side only of the body was treated by hypnotically induced vasodilation, the patient served as his own experimental control. In this single blind study, the hypnotist and patient knew the side selected for treatment, the evaluating surgeon and nursing staff did not. Four of the five patients demonstrated clearly accelerated healing on the treated side, the fifth patient had rapid healing on both sides. It is concluded that hypnosis facilitated dramatic enhancement of burn wound healing."

(Moore, Lawrence Earle, and Kaplan, Jerold Zelig; "Hypnotically Accelerated Burn Wound Healing," American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 26:16, 1983.)

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